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Release Date: Feb. 5, 2023

Engraving and printing all-in-one LCP8150 power communication industrial identification wide-width color label printer



Release Date: May. 5, 2023


SUPVAN plotter is a type of computer output device used to create precise, high-quality images and designs. Unlike printers that use ink or toner to produce images, SUPVAN plotters use a pen or other drawing tool to physically draw the image onto paper or other media. SUPVAN plotters come in different sizes and types, from small desktop models for home use to large industrial models used in engineering, architecture, and other industries. They can produce images with much higher resolution and accuracy than a typical printer, making them ideal for creating large-scale technical drawings, maps, and other detailed designs.

- Print, engrave, and fully cut all-in-one machine to handle labels of various shapes, sizes, and colors.

- Heat transfer printing with a resolution of 300 DPI produces beautiful, clear, and durable print results.

- High-quality adhesive labels and ribbons are available in multiple colors.

- Labels can be produced in sizes ranging from 10mm x 10mm to 160mm x 1000mm.

- Spliced printing can create large, wide-format labels up to 750mm x 1000mm.

- The included Label Editor software makes label design easy and convenient, allowing for the free combination and editing of pictures, text, tables, and barcodes.

- Thousands of safety, warning, and industry-standard graphic symbols are built-in and available for use.

- Visual management is easy to achieve, and data from Excel spreadsheets can be imported for the rapid production of large quantities of labels.

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