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Label Printers FAQ - SUPVAN

Check most frequently asked questions here.
If you still need help, please contact us at anytime.

Connection Issue

  • How to fix the "can't connect to printer" error ?

    (1) Please ensure that the printer is turned on and the Bluetooth of the smartphone is turned on. 

    (2) Check if the location function is enabled on the smartphone (Android system). In the Android system, location permission must be enabled when the App is used. If closed or rejected, you can find "Suprint" in "Settings - Application - Permission Management - Application" and open the location permission. You don't need to do this on iOS phones. 

    (3) Please launch the Bluetooth connection within the App. Click the printer icon in the upper right corner of the page in the App to search for the device. In the search list, click the corresponding printer model name to connect successfully. 

    (4) Check if the printer is being connected to other devices. This printer cannot be linked to more than one smartphone at the same time. 

    (5) If none of the above solves the problem, please contact customer service through the App or via other ways.

  • Bluetooth connection established, paper installed, but it won't print?

    (1) If the RFID of the label tape is turned off, the device cannot identify the label paper type. "Incorrect label tape" will show when printing. 

    (2) If the printed paper shows no text or image, the label may be installed upside down. Reinstall the label paper by referring to the installation instruction video.

    (3) Please check whether Dark Theme/Mode is enabled. The latest version of the App can support it.

  • Can I print from my laptop?

    As for E10, you can use your mobile phone or iPad to print label, supports Android and iOS mobile phone by Bluetooth connection;  


    T50M supports Android and iOS via Bluetooth, and Windows 7/8/10/11 via USB connection;


    LP5120 enjoys easy labeling with large screen and QWERTY keyboard.

  • I gave all the permission to the App, but why can't I find my printer and connect with it?

    Please kindly follow the steps below :
    1. Make sure your Bluetooth is on
    2. Be able to find the E10 label maker
    3. Open SUPRINT App
    4. Click the 'Disconnected' button under the home page
    5. You will be able to find the E10 label makers and click connect


Label Issue

  • How many label stickers are on the roll provided?

    There is a continuous label maker tape on the roll provided. The label tape inside the machine will be size: 0.59in x 19.68ft.

  • Where to get the replacement labels for the Supvan E10? Are there colored ones?

    Yes, labels are available in various colors. You can get the E10 label printing tape from here.

  • Are the labels water and or heat proof? example would it label stay on and remain legible after being put in a bottle warmer or sterilizer?

    All of our labels are waterproof and resistant to heat. The label will stay on even being put in a hot or cold environment. SUPVAN labels are made from BPA-free materials which is up to baby products standard. High product safety ensured.

  • Where can I purchase the transparent label?

    Our labels are different in size, color, and design, etc. Please click here to find the transparent label. 

  • Are there BPA-free labels available?

    Yes, all of our labels are BPA-free.

  • Is this label maker compatible with other thermal tape brands

    No, the device only works with SUPVAN label tapes.

Print Issue

  • The texts on the printouts are not centered, in the wrong position, offset, or skip paper?

    (1) When inserting or replacing a roll of label paper for the first time, a blank label should be printed by clicking the power button. This is to let the print head identify the position of the label paper.


    (2) Check if the correct template that matches the label paper has been selected in the App. Check the size and image on the label packaging, select the matching template on the App, and click "History" to switch templates. 


    (3) Please make sure to put the label printing side up into the printer. If placed on the opposite side, it cannot be printed.

  • Will this label maker print QR codes?

    Yes, there is a "QR Code" option in the menu at the bottom of the "SUPRINT" App. You can print an existing QR code by scanning it, or enter any content to automatically generate a new QR code for printing.

  • How does the machine print without ink? How does it work?

    With thermal printing technology, the print head heats up the thermal paper to make prints. All you need to do is to install the label tape roll and use the App to edit content and click print.

  • Does this printer support continuous printing?

    Yes. The E10 and LP5120M label maker support continuous printing.


  • Does it have a built-in cutter for the continuous labels?

    Yes, this mini label maker has a built-in cutter.

  • Can you print addresses on this?

    Yes you definitely can. I have made my own address labels. In fact I made one mailing label and one return address label. It's kind of small for packages but you can use it to mail packages.

  • How do I get the color pictures to print?

    This label maker is thermal printer,it can only print black color words,pics and symbols etc. And if you want make your labels looks colorful, we have some different kinds of colorful label tape sticker on sale, you can choose them.


  • Can I use this to label headphone or calculator for my son's school supplies?

    Sure, E10 would be best choice for this.

  • Can this be used in different languages or just English?

    We support different languages as below :



  • Why does the App need access to my location, photos, mic, and camera to use it?

    The “bluetooth connection” of app needs to get your location permission. Other permissions can be turned on or off depending on your needs. For example, if you want to recognize and read pictures, you need to turn on the storage permission.

  • How do I clean the print head properly?

    (1) Use ethanol and cotton swabs.  

    (2) Turn off the printer and let it cool for a few seconds.  

    (3) Take the paper roll out and put it aside. 

    (4) Use a clean small cotton swab (the print head space is narrow) to dip a little ethanol to wipe the dirt on the surface of the print head gently (do not scrape the print head with hard objects, otherwise,the thermal-sensitive tablet will be permanently damaged and irreparable). 

    (5) After cleaning, double-click the power button to do a self-test when the surface is completely dry.

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