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Release Date: Nov. 01, 2022

    • E10 Green Label Maker / Portable Stand / Elk Antlers Accessory / Label Tape x 4
    • Great for labeling storage bins, boxes, food containers, and more.
    • The handheld design label machine lets you to carry and use in any places.
    • The smart App provides over 600 templates including various fonts, texts, graphics, symbols, icons, and more.




    Make more than you ever dreamed possible with SUPVAN Label Maker E10. Label everything from wooden bins to plastic containers or your files and various organizers, kids’ school supplies, etc.

    SUPVAN label machine uses inkless thermal technology which means you can enjoy 25% higher clarity without relying on printer ink or toner.


    【Tag items and files in a clean way】 SUPVAN E10 prints out pre-cut labels and customizable length labels fast.

    【Durable labels】 Waterproof and oilproof, resistant to high heat or cold.

    【Convenient and Portable】 Charge by USB-C, easy to carry, handheld design, use with your smartphone.

    【Qualified and Reliable】 Almost 20 years of R&D in the label printing business, customer support available at all times.

    Not sure which label tape to use with? For first-time user, we recommend getting the   continuous tape  as it allows for custom size and is thus more versatile.


    Product Name E10
    Print Width 12mm
    Label Width 12-15mm
    Printing Resolution 203dpi
    Printing Technology Thermal Printing
    Color White / Pink / Green / Black / Teal
    Type of Label tape Thermal Paper
    Printing Speed 20-40mm/s
    Conection Bluetooth
    Battery Capacity 1200mAh
    Product Dimension 130*78*28mm
    Weight 200g
    Operating System Free App compatible with Android / IOS    

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