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Back to School Stationery Checklist for Parents

Back to School Stationery Checklist for Parents

Many schools will send you a back-to-school stationery list so that you can be sure to prepare your child for the coming season. But if you are looking to get a head start on the shopping madness, here are some important stationery checklists for your reference:

1.Pencils: Your child will likely need a supply of pencils for taking notes and completing assignments. Consider purchasing pencils that are durable and have good erasers. In addition, there is now an erasable signature pen, which works very well, and the tip of the pen can erase wrong handwriting.

2.Notebooks: Your child will need a notebook or several notebooks for taking notes and completing assignments. Consider purchasing a notebook with a durable cover and plenty of pages.

3.Homework registration form, if your child has just graduated from kindergarten to primary school, then you must prepare a homework registration form. You can cultivate the child's habit of registering homework, so that he can complete the registered homework in turn after school.

4.Highlighters: Highlighters can be useful for marking important information in texts or notes. Consider purchasing a set of highlighters in a range of colors.

5.Ruler: A ruler can be useful for drawing straight lines or measuring objects. Consider purchasing a ruler with both metric and imperial measurements.

6.Calculator: Depending on your child's age and the subject matter they will be studying, a calculator may be necessary.

Consider purchasing a scientific calculator if your child will be taking advanced math courses.

7.Backpack: Your child will need a backpack to carry all of their supplies to and from school. Consider purchasing a backpack that is sturdy and has plenty of compartments for organizing their supplies.

8.Label Maker: If we label our kid's school suppliers, it makes easier for the teacher to get the school suppliers organized after projects and keep your child’s belongings out of the lost and found with the custom kids’ name labels. The tool you need at this time is a thermal label printer. It is better even than handwriting them and easier to read for sure.

When labeling small items (like crayons, pens, textbooks, homework books, kettles markers) I recommend SUPVAN Label maker.

The beauty of print and cut labels is you won’t need to set anything and it can use continuous or fixed size label tapes. Its weight is ultra-light, only 200 grams, surrounded by an arc-shaped design, which does not scratch the skin. You can carry it freely anytime and anywhere. If your child is relatively young, the portable printer can be kept at home by the parents. If your child is in the third grade or above, they can have their own portable printer, manage their own stationery, and put name stickers on their own water bottle.


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