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Why I bought a label maker for my home

Why I bought a label maker for my home

I am one who has to label EVERYTHING!!! I can print any custom labels depends on my requirement. My husband has collected penguins since he was a kid so when I saw this with baby penguin face, I knew I had to have it for him. Collecting penguins can be a way to reconnect with fond memories of childhood or to recapture a sense of innocence and wonder. But once we collected many penguins at home, we need to organize and store them, such as giving each baby penguin an interesting name.

I was looking for a simple label maker that would just print words on white labels and this label printer does that easily plus a few other things.The user interface is super easy to use and it connects flawlessly. The quality of the labels is exactly what I wanted. Nothing pretentious, just great prints. The fact that I can throw it in my backpack and have a label maker whenever is just bonus for an already great product. The app downloads easily and connects to my iPad seamlessly. The printer came with one roll of white labels but other colors are available to purchase. It only took me a couple of minutes to make a simple label with words. However, it is also quite easy to add borders.

This label maker is easy to get up and running. From unpacking to first label took maybe 5 minutes. The app is well fleshed out and has multiple options from fonts to styles different font sizes and the typical Bold and Italic type stuff.The labels are on the smaller size, but I could get larger labels if I want, overall works well and let me label office and home cabinet stuff with ease.

After looking further into the app, I realized that I could print bar codes, QR code’s, add icons, etc. I can even do photo’s if I don’t mind them being grayscale since this printer is only black and white.The app offers so many different ways to make creative labels
This really is an adorable little device that really does work to make labels. The Bluetooth setup was quick and easy, and I love how many icon choices there are. The app can be a little slow at times, and you do get error messages, but it's fairly easy to get things working again when that happens.

Overall: this portable label printer has exceeded my expectations. It can do so much more than I realized when I ordered it and learning the basics for it are very simple.I love the device! It's small, it's easy to use, and it's really cute! If you're looking for a fun label maker, this one is great!


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