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Top 4 Best Label Maker to Buy in 2023

Top 4 Best Label Maker to Buy in 2023

Are you looking for the best label maker but getting confused since several options are available? If this is the case, then you are in the right place. Whether you're looking for a label maker for home or business use, you may want to scroll down to our section on how to choose the best labeling maker, where we run through some basic features.

Label makers are commonly used in homes to label household items such as food containers, storage containers, and pantry items. For example, it can be used to label food containers with the contents, date, and expiration date. This helps to keep the kitchen organized and prevent food waste. It can also be used to label pantry items, such as spices, baking supplies, and snacks, to keep the pantry organized and make it easier to find what you need.

Let's have a detailed review of the features and functions of the best-label printers.

The best label makers available now

1. SUPVAN E10 Mini Bluetooth Printer


Among the printing devices on our list, SUPVAN E10 Portable Label Printer remains our top. This printer is available in either white, pink, black, green, or teal blue. Moreover, SUPVAN E10 is suitable for labeling boxes, storage bins, food containers, file setups, etc. You can also create labels for everything, including your classroom organization, to do cleaning and organizing easier.

Most label maker is compatible with fixed-sized labels. The problem with using fixed-sized labels is you are not able to print labels for longer texts, which is limiting the usage and situations. However, with the E10 sticker maker that comes with the built-in cutter, continuous-type tapes can also be used.  That means you can print labels as long as you want by using the E10 label maker. For example, users can print long sentences for CD collection, gel nail, photo storage.  

If you dont like having a pile of different types of labels at home, simply use continuous tape is the best choice

With the help of the SUPVAN sticker Maker Machine, you will easily make labels for your files, drawers, folders, shelves, etc. Moreover, SUPVAN E10 has many symbols, styles, and fonts to select from. Thus, you will be able to create labels that are customized to suit your specific needs.

Thus, you can create any kind of stickers which kids will like, which makes it useful for classroom setups. Its smart APP has over 600 templates with icons, fonts, graphics, texts, symbols, and more.

This simple-to-use device with a compact design and improved features makes it the ideal tool for organizing your life. This user-friendly sticker printer is portable and inkless.

In addition, its labels are waterproof and oil-proof. The Brand will also provide super adorable different kinds of tapes for replacement. This handheld sticker machine has a rechargeable battery that can last even a full month with a single charge.


• Use with fixed-sizeor continuous-type labels. A single piece of continuous label is editable from 0.68” to 7.86”.

• App is easy to use. It allows custom input, even signatures.

• They provide various sizes, including 0.47’/0.55’/0.57”  colored, transparent, or regular whitetapes.

• Connect with the smartphone via Bluetooth. It is compatible with both iOS and Android phone.

• The company has 17of years experience in this field. The quality should be good enough.

• It supports importing bulk printing data from excel file. 


      • More fonts should be added into App.


      2. Brother PT- H110 Label Maker

      This feature packed labeling machine prints durable labels up to 12 mm in width. Choose from several fonts,font styles,frames and symbols to customize your labels to your exact needs. 

      Only Brother genuine tapes are rigorously tested to be temperature, sunlight, water, fade and abrasion resistant.


      • Super-fast and high-quality printing

      • Plug-and-playsticker printer

      • High-resolution text

      • Allows customized labels

      • Thermaltransfer printing technology


        • Small screen size

        • Limited fonts,symbols etc

        • Can’t connect to smartphone Not customization printing. It doesn’t support importing data from excel.  

        • Labels are more expensive even $13 and $24, which is higher than thermal label.


        3. JADENS Label Maker Machine D110 with Tape

        JADENS Label Maker Machine is super smaller. Compact and lovely design and you can take it into your pocket, and print high quality labels and stickers anytime, anywhere. The app included more than 60 +Fonts, 12+ Languages, and 400+ Borders. And it supports iOS & Android.

        This app of this stickers maker provides a variety of free templates, containing texts, tables, symbols, logos, bar codes, QR codes, images, time, insert Excel, etc. Easy to create various cute stickers from your phone. Labels are fixed in length, not support continuous label tape.



        • Compact, portable design

        • Bluetooth connectivity

        • The app included more than 60 +Fonts, 12+ Languages, and 400+ Borders. 

        • Package with a roll of free white tape.It is 15x30mm, and included 210pcs labels              


          • Doesn’t support continuoustape paper

          • Extra subscription fee is required when you want to use more features.


            4. PikDik Bluetooth Label Maker Machine

            This handheld sticker maker is half of the traditional one. Smaller and smarter. It supports iOS & Android and connects with Bluetooth from a free app.

            PikDik L12 sticker maker works with a free APP "Flashmini", which provides you about 18+ frames, 12 languages, 400+ symbols and 13+ templates. You can use the rich materials to create more interesting tags at will. Enjoy your DIY printing.


            • Easy to Use

            • Portable & Bluetooth Connecting

            • Multiple Templates to Design Your Own Labels

            • Rechargeable & Inkless to Save Money


              • Doesn’t support continuous tape

              • The app isnot user-friendly



              These are just some of the best label printers in the market. This is a must-have device for everyone who values efficiency and organization daily. By the way, this label maker will help you create a fun life like this.

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