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Something You Need to Know About WPS Pin on Printer

Something You Need to Know About WPS Pin on Printer

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which is a wireless network security standard. A WPS PIN is a unique 8-digit number that is used to set up a wireless network connection between a device and a wireless router or access point. Some printers have a WPS button or feature that allows you to connect your printer to a wireless network using a WPS PIN. To use this feature, you typically need to enter the WPS PIN into your printer's control panel or software interface, or through a web-based setup page. Once the connection is established, you can wirelessly print documents and photos from your computer, smartphone, or other mobile devices.

The location of the WPS PIN on a printer can vary depending on the model and manufacturer. In most cases, the WPS PIN is printed on a label or sticker attached to the bottom or back of the printer. Some printers may also display the WPS PIN on their control panel or LCD screen. If you cannot find the WPS PIN on your printer, you can usually locate it in the documentation that came with your printer, such as the user manual or quick setup guide. Alternatively, you can also try accessing your printer's web-based setup page or software interface to find the WPS PIN.

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