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Is It Worth It to Buy the Label maker E10

Is It Worth It to Buy the Label maker E10

Today, we recommend SUPVAN Label Maker  E10 to everyone. This label  machine has Amazon Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice badges.As we known, they are two labels that every seller wishes to have with their product. Let's take a look at why this label maker become a "Best Seller"

1) Clarity and firmness.

There are two types of portable label maker that are popular in the market, heat transfer printing and heat sensitive. The advantage of thermal printers is that there is no need to use printer ink or toner., and the printing speed is very fast. As long as the temperature can rise to the required temperature in a short time, the required text and patterns can be printed quickly. Moreover, the thermal labeling machine is small in size and produces very little noise during operation. It is very convenient and simple to use, and is especially suitable for home use.



SUPVAN label machine E10 uses inkless thermal technology which means you can enjoy 25% higher clarity without relying on printer ink or toner.So we use it for home wardrobe storage, kitchen storage, stationery storage, such as kitchen oil pots, water cups.

in addition, its glue is very strong, but it won't leave glue when you tear it off, so it's suitable for home. The printed text or picture is clearer, and it is moisture-proof and sun-proof, very durable. No matter how many years we have used it, the handwriting is still very legible. 


2) Both fixed size and continuous size consumables can be used

Choose fixed size or self-cutting, depending on whether you need fixed size or continuous label paper, on the market, according to the length of our label paper, there are two types, one is fixed size, and the other is continuous type.  Although the fixed-size label tape does not require us to cut it, it is precisely because it sets the length of the label that it will be limited when displaying content. The continuous label makes up for such a problem and can be expressed freely. All the content we want to show is more usable. For our E10 labeling machine, both types of label tape can be installed, which is convenient for users to choose.

3) Supported label media

Look at the types of labels that can be printed. We are now marking, which is no longer limited to the surface of ordinary items. What kind of clothes, bags, shoes, cups, ceramics, and stainless steel are all possible to be marked. One can print Labeling machines made of a variety of materials and that mark various types of items can really solve the pain points of our needs.With SUPVAN Label Maker E10. You can label everything from wooden bins to plastic containers or your files and various organizers, kids’ school supplies, etc.


4) Machine Endurance 

A labeling machine with poor battery life, I really have the urge to throw it out at any time, using a labeling machine with poor battery life .Halfway through use, the power may suddenly cut off. I think everyone will find it troublesome to stick labels at home and charge them every time they are used.Therefore, a labeling machine with strong battery life will become your choice.

Looking at it comprehensively, SUPVAN E10 label printer, can satisfy all the user's imagination of a label machine, and it is fully functional and cost-effective. Its printing method is thermal printing, and it is suitable for label use in various scenarios. It also has the advantage that it can last for 100 days without charging, which solves the problem that we often forget to charge. Another important point is that when we change the label paper, other label machines may have paper jams, or the text cannot be aligned. SUPVAN’s label machine can perfectly avoid this problem, and it also has one-key paper return And the function of tailoring as you like.

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