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How to Use Your Label Maker: Practical Tips for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

How to Use Your Label Maker: Practical Tips for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

It might look like a toy from the 1990s, but the label maker is still a useful device in the modern office. Whether you’re an office worker or business owner, there are many ways that these compact devices can make your life easier. A label maker makes it easy to create labels for everything from files and folders to desk drawers and new equipment. While they’re often used for labeling boring things like file cabinets and computer towers, there are plenty of creative ways to use them in business. In this blog post, we’ll go over how you can use your label maker in everyday business tasks and what kind of label maker is right for you (hint: not all of them are built alike).



Create Labels for Your Office’s Standard Equipment

If you’re in a retail or customer-facing business, you probably have a lot of different equipment that your customers use, like computers, printers, and phones. You may also have some equipment that your employees use, like desks and office chairs. If your employees are responsible for setting up their own equipment, you might need these items to be clearly labeled so they know where to put them. For example, if your employees have their own desks, you may need to label the drawers so they know what goes where. You may also have equipment that customers use, like computers or printers. In that case, you need to label those items so customers know what each one does. One easy way to label all of your equipment is to use a single label maker with a software program that lets you create a library of items and their corresponding labels. That way, you can label everything once and use the labels for years to come.


Inventory Tracking

If you have inventory that needs to be tracked, like raw materials, parts, or food, you’ll likely need a way of recording how much you have on hand. While you could use a spreadsheet, using a label maker to create a barcode label on each item makes it much simpler to scan each item when you need to record the information. You could also use these same labels for assets you plan to sell or lease. You can use the numbers or letters on the label to record information like the asset ID or lease term. Creating a barcode label doesn’t have to be difficult. Many label makers have a barcode option that makes adding a label to your inventory items simple.


Create Labels for New or Renovated Rooms

When you’re renovating or adding rooms to your office building, you may need to label the doors. You can write the room name directly on the door with a dry-erase marker, but a door decal is easy to put on and stays on much better. Door decals are especially useful in fire-safe buildings, where there are strict guidelines about what can be written on the doors. In addition to doors, you may need labels for other architectural features, like fire extinguishers. You can use these same door decals to label fire extinguishers, too, so people know where they are and how to use them in case of an emergency.


Create Labels for Currently-HIRED Staff

If you have new employees start at your company, you’ll likely want to give them things like a computer login and digital passwords. You may also want to assign them a desk and computer, or give them specific keys for the building. In all of these cases, you’ll need to assign them specific labels with their name and information on them. For example, you could label a computer, “Jake’s Computer” and then put a label on the computer with the login information and the name “Jake.” Alternatively, you can write the login information on the label and then write “Jake” on the computer. If you have hired employees that need specific keys, you can create labels for the keys. That way, you can easily distribute keys and know who has what. Use the same method as you would with computer labels — put the name of the person on the label, and then write what the key opens.


Other Ways to Use a Label Maker in Your Business

- Office supplies. Label all of your office supplies with the contents and number of each item. You can also label things like mugs, coffee cups, and food containers so your employees know what they are and where they go. - Computer file folders. Create a label for each file folder in your computer file cabinet. That way, you can more easily file the folder and know what’s inside. - Mail. You can use labels to create a database of the people you regularly correspond with. That way, you always know who you need to write to and can easily add new recipients as needed. If you want a label maker that’s easy to use without a lot of complicated settings, get a handheld one. If you want a label maker that’s easy to use with a computer or smartphone, get a desktop one. If you want a label maker that can print, cut, and create different sizes of labels all at once, get a label printer. If you want a label maker that can print and cut but not create different sizes of labels, get a cutter. If you want a label maker that can print, cut, and create different sizes of labels, get a label printer and cutter.


Wrapping Up

If you use your label maker properly, it can save you time and reduce errors. That’s because you don’t have to try to remember what everything is and where it goes. Instead, you can use the labels to keep everything organized and easy to find. If you’re looking for a way to make your workspace more organized, a label maker is the perfect solution. They’re easy to use and can help you keep track of everything. With a label maker, you can label everything from computer files to coffee cups.


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