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How to send a fax with a printer

In certain situations, transmitting a document by fax is essential. Moreover, faxing a document using a printer with a fax service is the safest way to ensure it reaches its destination. It is even more secure than sending via email or postal mail. Sending a fax usually requires a traditional fixed telephone service. However, you can also use an online company that acts as a fax machine through computers for an affordable fee. Sometimes even for free. Here, we explain how to send a fax with a printer.


Sending a fax from a Canon Pixma printer

  1. Turn on your printer;
  2. To activate the fax function, press the "Fax" button on your printer;
  3. Collect the document(s) you need to send and place them on the tray, typically located on the top of your printer;
  4. To send a fax of good quality, simply press the "Fax quality" button;
  5. Adjust the contrast of your document as desired in the appearing menu, then confirm with the "OK" button;
  6. To finalize the sending, enter the recipient's number, and choose between color or black and white options.

Sending a fax with a Brother printer

  1. Place the document in the printer's automatic feeder, with the front side facing up (for multiple-page documents) or position the document on the scanner glass with the front side facing down;
  2. Press "Fax";
  3. Enter the recipient's number using the numeric keypad, address book, or call history;
  4. Press "Fax Start" to scan and send the document.

Send a fax with an HP multifunction printer:

  1. Load the document you want to send using the automatic document feeder (face up) or by placing it on the scanner glass (face down);
  2. Ensure that the telephone line is not currently in use and that the paper tray is loaded with blank paper;
  3. Enter the recipient's number from your printer;
  4. Press the "Send", "Black and White Fax" or "Color Fax" button to send your document;
  5. You will notice the printing of a fax report. Read it to ensure that the transmission was successful.

Faxing from a multifunction printer connected to your MAC

  1. Set up your printer and then connect it to your MAC by following the provided instructions;
  2. Select the Apple menu > System Preferences from your MAC, then click on "Printers & Scanners";
  3. In the list on the left side, if you don't see your multifunction printer appear, select "Add Printer or Scanner";
  4. From the list that appears, choose your printer and then click on the "Use" dropdown menu;
  5. Select the printer software version that supports fax transmission, and click "Add". If you're unsure which software to choose, refer to Apple support by consulting the article "Printer and Scanner Drivers for MAC";
  6. You have now set up your printer on MAC. Now open the document you want to fax on your MAC. Select "File" and then "Print";
  7. Click on the PDF drop-down menu, then select "Fax the PDF document";
  8. Click on the Printer drop-down menu, then select your printer;
  9. Enter the fax number by choosing from the following options:

- In the "To" field, enter the number.

- To the right of the "To" field, if available, click on the "Contacts" button to choose a number, then copy and paste the number into the "To" field.

It is possible that your phone configuration requires you to dial a prefix to access an outside line, enter it in the "Communication Prefix" field. Then choose "use a cover page" to insert a cover page before entering your message. Finally, click on "Fax" to send it.

We hope this article will help you send your documents confidently. With practice, you will become an expert in sending faxes with a printer.

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