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How to Choose a SUPVAN Label Printer

How to Choose a SUPVAN Label Printer

Let's share the difference between E10 and LP5120M with everyone today.

Heat transfer label printers and thermal label printers are two popular label printers on the market. Compared to thermal label printers, heat transfer label printers have clearer printing, greater durability, and the handwriting remains clear even after long-term use. The advantage of thermal label printers is that they do not require toner or ribbons, they print quickly, they are compact in size, have low operating noise, are easy to use, and are suitable for home use.

So first of all, we need to figure out what specific purpose you are choosing the label printer for. If you are only using it for home storage, such as labeling the closet, the bottles and cans in the kitchen, and the preservation label for food, then we recommend that you choose E10 label maker. This label printer is highly capable of meeting your needs, and there are currently five colors available for you to choose from: black, white, green, pink, and teal.

The label machine's casing has a micro-sandblasted texture, is soft and comfortable, has a non-slip and anti-fall design, and has a rounded arc design that gives a full, complete, rigorous, and harmonious feel, giving people a kind of intimacy and experience that is friendly, smooth, and romantic. This model was original designed by the SUPVAN R&D team with geometric aesthetics and fine quality. It's the perfect size to be held in the palm of a woman's hand, making it easy to carry with you when you're out, so you can keep your life organized anywhere, anytime.

If you are a teacher or a parent of children,this storage tool might just help you. As we all know,schools usually start back to school shopping in August. We take our children to choose their favorite specific styles and colors. If during the school year, items are put in the wrong place or lost without a name tag, it may be difficult to find them again in the store. For example,our favorite item may already be out of stock.

The children are originally excited about the new items they have prepared for the start of the school. If they lose these items, they will surely feel guilty and uneasy. If we put name tags on these items, it is likely that they will be found in the school. Let's have parents organize and label their items, so that we can increase the chance of finding lost items.

Generally, buying a label printer will only cost around $30 or even less. You can apply them to your household organization. If the chances of retrieving items with a name label is 30% then you have already saved money on the item. The cost of not being able to retrieve the item also involves opportunity cost, such as the time spent trying to find it , shopping for a replacement, and comforting a distraught child.

Being a parent is a challenging job. Time becomes a valuable wealth when we have children. So

Using a label printer to print name stickers on-the-go is indeed a solution that allows you to have a happy and organized child at home, saving your time and money. Meanwhile, with a label machine, you can also DIY unique icon designs to meet all your needs, giving your child’s a more personalized name sticker. 

If E10 is a household storage artifact, then LP5120M portable label printer is more commercial and outdoor-oriented. If you have your own garage, but you find that the tools in your garage are often hard to find, you can try using a label printer and a drawer shelf to make the messy garage look brand new. We recommend using the LP5120M because this model is specifically designed for commercial use in garages, supermarkets, etc. It has a built-in keyboard input, so there is no need to use a phone and an app, making label printing more accessible.

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